Our firm is often contacted by people who have been cited for a violation of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code, and many of them have the same question: “Do I really need a lawyer for this??  And honestly, this can be a very good question, because, the answer is:  Not always!  While that may not […]

The volumes that make up criminal law statutes are exhaustive. Daily, depending on the jurisdiction, criminal law changes. It can be scary if you find yourself involved in a criminal case. You’ll be comforted to learn that many cases do not make it to trial. For example, in the fiscal year of 2018, while roughly […]

We hear it in movies and on TV all the time, but what is probable cause and why is it important?  Probable cause is the burden of proof that a police officer must meet prior to placing someone under arrest or performing a search.  The reason it is important is if a police officer arrests […]

We are happy to announce that Blythe Steinhauser has joined our team and will be working as a Legal Assistant in our Rockford Office. Blythe graduated from Bellevue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies. She was included on the Dean’s List and was inducted into Omega Nu Lambda National Honor Society. […]

In Illinois, everyone charged with a criminal offense has a right to have their case set for a trail, either in front of a judge, referred to as a bench trail, or a jury.  At a jury trial, it is twelve persons from the community that decide the question of guilt or innocence, whereas at […]

There are several laws on the books concerning the possession, selling, and distribution of illegal narcotics in Illinois, and the majority of those cases are prosecuted as felonies.  The most common cases we see involve the possession of a controlled substances, such as cocaine, heroine, or methamphetamines.  The law also considers it a felony offense […]

Every January 1st in Illinois brings with it, cold temperatures, heavy snow, and usually a ton of new laws on the books. However, because 2020 was like no other year, only a handful of laws will go into effect on 1/1/21. In contrast, in January of 2020, more than 200 laws and policies went into […]

Many people spend their entire lives without having any interaction with the police. However, one of the most common places a person will encounter a member of law enforcement is on the road while behind the wheel of their car. Whether you are a teenage driver who just got their license or an experienced driver […]

Today our founding Attorney Jonathan James finished a three day class 2 felony jury trial. Our client was charged with two counts of aggravated battery against two different police officers. There were eight total witnesses called during the trial which including several law enforcement officers. If found guilty, our client would have faced 3-7 years […]

Winnebago and Boone County Courthouses For the last couple of months, the Winnebago and Boone County Courthouses have been operating on a reduced traffic schedule to combat the spread of COVID-19.  During that time, the court was only allowing essential cases to be heard and all other matters were continued.  As of today, the 17th […]

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