Attorney Jonathan James Publishes Book on Domestic Battery Defense

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We are pleased to announce that our founding attorney, Jonathan James, has recently published a book on domestic battery defense strategies in Illinois. In the book Defending Domestic Battery, Attorney Jonathan James gives you the tools you need to understand domestic battery prosecutions and explains the legal strategies that can be used to avoid a permanent criminal conviction. The book can help answer common questions people have when facing domestic battery charges, such as:

  • How serious is a domestic battery charge?
  • What is an order of protection?
  • What is the “No Drop” policy?
  • How long will this affect my record?
  • What will happen to my firearm rights if I am convicted of domestic battery?
  • What if the police never read me my rights, will my case be dismissed?
  • How do I fight a domestic battery charge?

The book goes on sale today and is available for purchase from all Amazon websites internationally. You can purchase a copy of the book by clicking this link.

Attorney Jonathan James
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