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The proliferation of self-driving technology has started to raise some very interesting legal questions.  For instance, can a person get a DUI in a self driving car?  What about traffic tickets?  If the car is in control, am I responsible for its actions?  Do I need a license to operate a self-driving vehicle?  Currently, state […]

As the world comes out of the lockdown of the pandemic, people are finding they must refamiliarize themselves with situations that used to be well practiced and now seem alien.  Our office is seeing an increase in citations for improper passing of a school bus while loading or unloading children and this may be because […]

Receiving a traffic ticket is certainly not going to be the highlight of anyone’s day.  Whether its for driving a little too fast, rolling through a stop sign, or changing lanes without using your signal, traffic tickets can hurt your wallet with fines and costs and possibly increasing your insurance rates.  Get too many traffic […]

Reckless driving is one of the most serious traffic tickets that you can receive.  It is considered a class A misdemeanor which means you could face up to a year in jail, probation for up to two years, and fines and costs of up to $2,500.  Additionally, it could adversely affect your license in that […]

Our firm is often contacted by people who have been cited for a violation of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code, and many of them have the same question: “Do I really need a lawyer for this??  And honestly, this can be a very good question, because, the answer is:  Not always!  While that may not […]

Many people spend their entire lives without having any interaction with the police. However, one of the most common places a person will encounter a member of law enforcement is on the road while behind the wheel of their car. Whether you are a teenage driver who just got their license or an experienced driver […]

There are many new laws going into effect starting July 1.  These include increasing the gas tax by 19 cents per gallon, increasing fees for petty traffic offenses from $120 to $164, and using your cell phone while operating a vehicle will now be considered a moving violation.  Currently, motorist who are caught using an […]

Thus far in 2019, sixteen police officers have been killed or injured on Illinois roadways while conducting traffic stops.  This is a substantial increase over the same period in 2018.  Because of this, law enforcement has stepped up their efforts to catch drivers who are unsafely passing police vehicles while they are engaged in traffic […]

We are happy to announce that our founding attorney, Jonathan James has been nominated for the best traffic attorney by the Rockford Register Star. We are honored to be considered one of the best traffic attorneys in the Rockford area and thank everyone for their continued support. If you would like to support us in […]

With public schools starting back, all drivers should take a minute to familiarize themselves with the laws in Illinois as they relate to stopping for School Buses.  It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus in either direction while the bus’s stop sign is out and children are loading or unloading.  The Illinois State […]

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