Nobody’s relationship is perfect, and it is not unusual for couples to argue, but sometimes those arguments can quickly get out of hand. If the police are called due to a couple fighting, then a simple argument can suddenly turn into a domestic battery charge. Domestic Battery can be charged regardless of whether there is […]

This week the 2nd District Appellate Court was unanimous in upholding the trial court’s decision to quash our client’s arrest for DUI and rescind the suspension of our client’s driver’s license.  During the representation of our client, our office filed a motion to quash arrest and a petition to rescind statutory summary suspension with the […]

DUI Laws in Illinois apply to people who are under the influence of alcohol as well as persons who may be under the influence of drugs.  If a Police officer suspects that you are under the influence of any type of drug, even prescription drugs, you may be arrested for DUI.  While the elements of […]

We are happy to announce that our founding attorney, Jonathan James has been nominated for the best traffic attorney by the Rockford Register Star. We are honored to be considered one of the best traffic attorneys in the Rockford area and thank everyone for their continued support. If you would like to support us in […]

With public schools starting back, all drivers should take a minute to familiarize themselves with the laws in Illinois as they relate to stopping for School Buses.  It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus in either direction while the bus’s stop sign is out and children are loading or unloading.  The Illinois State […]

In Illinois, it is possible for your license to be suspended, even if you are found not guilty of Driving Under the Influence.  This is because Illinois is an “implied consent” state.  Basically, this means that by driving on a public highway in Illinois, you have automatically given consent for any law enforcement officer to […]

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Drivers under the age of 21 are subject to additional penalties when faced with the charge of Driving Under the Influence.  Most notably, the Zero Tolerance laws enacted by the State legislature provide that minors face a zero tolerance suspension of 3 months if there is chemical testing in excess of .00 and a suspension […]

We are very excited about our new billboard that went up in the Rockford area this morning advertising our Rockford DUI Criminal Defense Services.  Our team used the lunch hour to swing by the location and admire the quality design and professional installation of the billboard, which is located just east of the Rock River […]

We are proud to announce that the Law Office of Jonathan James, LLC has been recognized by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys as one of the 10 Best Law Firms for Exceptional and Outstanding Client Service for 2018!  The Attorneys and Staff work hard to go above and beyond to ensure our clients […]

Attorney Mike Doyle appeared in Dekalb County this week where the Court returned a not guilty verdict on a DUI Drug case.  Our client was stopped for a lane violation and was eventually arrested for DUI Drug.  The arresting officer claimed our client was under the influence of cannabis despite not finding any cannabis on our […]

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